Fitness & Nutrition Challenge

2011FitnessChallengeStockProgram Update!

A Summer Fitness & Nutrition Challenge will be held at participating youth summer programs in Williamsport, June 15 to    August 7, 2015.  Contact LCHIC for more information.

Also, the Fitness & Nutrition Challenge Subcommittee is working diligently to provide another Challenge for Lycoming County School Districts in the 2015-2016 Academic Year. Stay tuned!

The Fitness & Nutrition Challenge is aimed at getting kids to exercise more and eat more nutritious foods. The Challenge awards points to youth participants at the rate of one point for one minute of physical activity. They receive twice as many points if the exercise is done with another adult family member or guardian.  In addition, the participants earn points by eating fruits and vegetables. They get one point for every serving of a fruit or vegetable they eat per day. (Example: 1 small apple = 1 point or 1 apple and 1/2 cup of green beans = 2 points).

During the Challenge, participants record their activity minutes and nutritional points in an activity and nutrition diary. Every week, they take their completed “Take Home Activity/Nutritional Diary” from the previous week back to the program instructor. The program instructor collects the diaries and tallies the results.  For the points to qualify, a parent or guardian needs to sign the weekly activity and nutrition diaries.

Prizes are awarded to participants who earn 1,260 fitness points and/or 210 nutrition points over the six-week time frame.  The goal of the Challenge is to provide a fun and enjoyable experience while teaching participants about the many benefits of fitness and nutrition.

Lycoming County Fitness Stats

Year No. of Students Participated No. of Classrooms Minutes Logged Hours Logged Fruits & Vegetables Attended Kickoff
2007 3,067 150 2,515,490 42,000
2008 3,092 193 2,000,000 40,000
2009 6,260 287 3,548,757 59,000 1,800
2010 3,860 203 2,853,644 47,561  – 1,200
2011 6,864 331 3,636,702 60,611 94,441 1,200
2012 7,304 350 4,225,721  70,429 148,043
2013 7,862 366 3,840,379 64,006 144,618
Total to date 38,309 1,880 22,620,693 383,607 392,102 4,200