CARHA (Community and Rural Health Awareness)

The CARHA task force meets at 7:30 am on the second Wednesday of each month (except August) in the conference room of the Lycoming County Board of Assistance, 400 Little League Boulevard, in Williamsport.  Co-chairpersons, Dr. Jim Redka and Mrs. Barbara Hemmendinger invite all interested stakeholders–patients, rural and city community members, and health and mental health staff–to attend.

Our current projects include:

  • the development of a resource list for health services and means of financial access for low and moderate-income persons in our area.  Local Access for Health & Behavioral Health
  • an evidence-based family enrichment program that has been shown to reduce adolescent misbehaviors and substance abuse called the “Strengthening Families Program 10-14”.  Held in partnership with the West Branch Drug and Alcohol Abuse Commission and the Williamsport Area School District, registration information for the October 5th to November 16th course that will be offered free of charge to Williamsport families is posted below.170803SFP10-14TakeHomeLetter