Vision and Misson

Our Vision

A healthy Lycoming County is a community where people work together to create a healthy environment. People take responsibility for their actions and for reaching their potential. This community is financially stable with a good economy and jobs that allow everyone to be self-supporting. Every citizen has access to quality, affordable health and social services. It is a safe place. Crime, drug and alcohol abuse, child abuse and spouse abuse are not tolerated. Children and parents are excited about their schools, which provide excellent educational opportunities. Teenage pregnancy and tobacco use are rare. There is clean air and water. The citizens are aware wellness is enhanced by the prevention of  high-risk behaviors and are committed to improving their health and that of their fellow citizens.

Our Mission

Organized in 1994, The Lycoming County Health Improvement Coalition’s mission is to improve the health status of the Lycoming county community by identifying and facilitating response to priority health and wellness issues through a collaborative, community-driven process.