Our Board

Jon Bausinger

Director of Finance and HR

Roads to Freedom

Center for Independent Living of  NCPA

24 East Third Street

Williamsport, PA 17701

Phone:  570-327-9070

Fax:    570-327-8610

E-Mail: jbausinger@cilncp.org


Reverend Doctor John Charnock

Director of Mission Integration & Ethics

Susquehanna Health

700 High Street

Williamsport PA 17701

Phone: 570-321-2215

Fax: 570-321-2214

E-Mail:  jcharnock@susquehannahealth.org


John Comerford

1709 Clarion Drive

Williamsport, PA  17701

Phone:  570-321-1505

E-Mail:  nhojdrof1@yahoo.com


Misty Dion, Executive Director

Roads to Freedom

Center for Independent Living of NCPA

24 East Third Street, Suite A

Williamsport PA 17701

Phone:  570-327-9070

Fax:      570-327-8610

E-Mail:  mdion@cilncp.org


Melissa Farenish,

Quality Community Outreach Specialist

Ameri Health Northeast

340 Back Street

Montoursville PA 17737

Phone:  570-419-3263

E-Mail:  Melissa.farenish@amerihealthnortheast.com

Juliann W. Gombosi, Manager

Maternal Child Services/Nurse Family


1100 Grampian Blvd

Williamsport PA 17701

Phone:  570-326-8912

Fax:      570323-0716

E-Mail:  jgombpsi@susquehannahealth.org


Charles Greevy, III, Esquire

330 Pine Street

Williamsport, PA  17701

Phone:  570-320-7100

Fax:      570-320-7252

E-Mail:  sgreevy@comcast.net



Kristi Hammaker, MHA

Health Educator

Clinical Outcomes Group, Inc.

437 N Centre Street,

Pottsville, PA 17901


Phone: 570-494-8924

Email: KHammaker@coginc.org






Danielle Hardy,

Prevention Program Specialist

West Branch Drug & Alcohol Abuse Commission

213 West Fourth Street

Williamsport, PA  17701

Phone:  570-323-8543

Fax:      570-323-8550:

E-Mail:  dhardy@wbdaac.org






Carolyn Hawk

Director of Funding and Community  Relations

Lycoming County United Way

One West Third Street, Suite 208

Williamsport, Pa  17701

Phone: 570-323-9448

Fax: 570-323-1824



Dr. Barbara Hannon-Vishio

Chief Nursing Officer

Jersey Shore Hospital

1020 Thompson Street

Jersey Shore, PA 17740

Phone: 570-398-0100

Fax: 570-398-4412

Email: bhannon-vishio@jsh.org


Barbara Hemmendinger, Assoc. Director

Williamsport Family Medicine Residency

699 Rural Avenue

Sub Level 1

Williamsport PA 17701

Phone: 570-321-2333

Fax: 570-321-2359

E-Mail: bhemmendinger@susquehannahealth.org

Vanessa Hunter

YWCA/Wise Options

Social & Economic Empowerment Director

815 West Fourth Street

Williamsport PA 17701

Phone:  322-4637 x123

Fax: 570-322-3029

E-Mail:  vhunter@ywcawilliamsport.org


Charles E. Kiessling, Jr.

Lycoming County Coroner

330 Pine Street, Executive Plaza

Williamsport, PA  17701

Phone:  570-327-2305

Fax:      570-329-4774

E-Mail:  ckiessling@lyco.org

Douglas Koszalka, Executive Director

PA Department of Health

1000 Commerce Park Drive

Williamsport, PA  17701

Phone:  570-327-3400

Fax:      570-327-3748

E-Mail:  dkoszalka@state.pa.us


 Ellen Krajewski, President/CEO

Susquehanna Health & Community Dental Center

471 Hepburn Street, Williamsport, PA  17701

Phone:  570-567-5412

Fax:      570-567-5421

E-Mail: EllenK@aimhealthy.org


Eric R. Linhardt, District Attorney

Lycoming County Courthouse

48 West Third Street

Williamsport PA 17701

Phone:  570-327-2456

Fax:  570-327-2324

E0-Mail:  elinhaardt@lyco.org

E-Mail:  gphillips@lyco.org


J. J. Magyar,

Operation Technician III-

Safety and Security

Range Resources

Appalachia, LLC

Northern Marcellus Shale Division

101 West Third Street, Second Floor

Williamsport PA 17701

Phone:  570-505-1771

E-Mail:  jmagyar@rangeresources.com

Timothy J. Mahoney,

Community Volunteer

668 Fifth Avenue

Williamsport, PA 17701

Phone:  570-326-0385

Cell:      570-244-8384

E-Mail:  mahoneyt2@comcast.net


Dr. Beth McMahon, Professor

Department of Health Services

Lock Haven University

306 Terra Road

Cogan Station, PA 17728

Phone:  570-484-2214

Fax:    570-220-2220

Cell:    570-220-3227

E-Mail: bmcmahon@lhup.edu


Emily Miller

Health Education Coordinator

Susquehanna Community Health/Dental     Center

471 Hepburn St,

Williamsport, PA.17701

Phone: 570-567-400 ext 415

Cell: 570-692-2630

E-Mail: EMILYM@aimhealthy.org


Jackie Oliva

Susquehanna Health & Community Dental


471 Hepburn Street

Williamsport PA 17701

Phone:  570-567-5412

Fax:  570-567-5421

E-Mail:  JackieO@aimhealthy.org

James W. Redka, M. D., Family Practice

1205  River Avenue

Williamsport, PA  17701

Phone:  570-326-4118

Fax:      570-326-5533

E-Mail:  jredka@fpcdoctors.com

Chris Smith, Highway Safety Specialist

Community Traffic Safety Project

542 County Farm Road, Suite 207

Montoursville, PA  17754

Phone:  570-433-0820       Fax: 570-433-0340

E-Mail:  comphwy@chilitech.net

Jim Slotterback

Responsible Drilling Alliance

P.O. Box 502

Williamsport, PA 17701

Phone:  570-494-6166

E-Mail:  slotters101@gmail.com



Carmen M. Terry

Health and Wellness Coordinator

BLaST Intermediate Unit #17

2400 Reach Road, P.O. Box 3609

Williamsport PA 17701

Phone:  570-323-8561

Fax:      570-323-1738

E-Mail:  cterry@iu17.org

JanAnn Todd

Outreach & Enrollment Coordinator

Susquehanna Community Health &Dental Center

471 Hepburn Street

Williamsport PA 17701

Phone:  570-567-5400 ext. 4093

E-Mail:  joint@aimhealthy.org


Aimee Tsikitas

Program Director

All seasons Therapy Center/Partial Hospital Program, CSG Programs

1000 Commerce Park Drive, Suite 110

Williamsport PA 17701

Phone:  570-323-6944  Ext. 20018

E-Mail:  tsikitas@csgonline.org

Sharon Waters, PHD

 Associate Dean of Health Sciences

Pennsylvania College of Technology

One College Avenue

Williamsport, PA  17701

Phone:  570-327-4519

Fax:      570-321-5556

E-Mail:  swaters@pct.edu

J Bryce Weaver

Program  Director

River Valley Regional  YMCA

641 Walnut Street

Williamsport PA 17701

Phone:  570-323-7134 Ext 141

E-Mail:  brycew@rvrymca.org


Mary Jo Westbrook

Specialized Services Supervisor

Lycoming Children and Youth Services

The Sharwell Building

200 East Street

Williamsport PA 17701

Phone:  570-326-7895

Fax:       570-325-1348

E-Mail:  mwestbrook@joinder.org

David C. Wright

Director of Student Services

Williamsport Area School District

2780 West Fourth Street

Williamsport, PA 17701

Phone: 570-327-5500 x 33507


Email: dwright@wasd.org


John Yingling


Department of Public Safety

542 County Farm Rd

Montoursville, PA 17754

Phone: 570-433-4461

Fax: 570-433-4435

Email: jyingling@lyco.org